Important Tips to Keep Your Pet Calm During Grooming Session

Anyone who has a pet in their home or owns a pet grooming service knows how unpredictable these fur balls can sometimes get.

It is crucial to keep felines calm during a grooming session to achieve a safe and precise cut. But it gets challenging when your pet enters an unknown room full of pet growls and equipment noises. With them getting anxious and unsettled, it often gets hard to groom them properly. Therefore, it is imperative to take care of their mood and needs,  to make the grooming session a success!

The blog outlines four excellent tips for pet grooming businesses to keep kitties under control during an active session. Several pet grooming services in Georgia use the same trick to carry out smooth sessions!

Familiarize them with the place and equipment

It allows grooming professionals to create a sense of trust in the pets. Pets sense emotions from smell and sound; therefore, letting them explore the area keeps them at ease. The familiarity allows them to put trust in the groomer and the equipment. Remember, happy kittens are the best ones to groom!

 Use treats

If nothing is working on the cat and every attempt to calm it is backfiring at you, you should try giving it some treats! Pets love treats, and it gives them a sense of achievement. Doing so will instantly relax them and help them sit straight during the session. Treat now and then when the cat begins to get uneasy and ask the owner to stand beside to make the pet more relaxed.

Pause the session when needed

Always keep a watchful eye on the pet being groomed; it allows you to spot behavioral changes and take a break. It enables the groomer to gain trust from the pet; who knows, the session will get stopped if it is uncomfortable. Taking short breaks is an ideal way to tame a pet with big trust issues!

Use familiar sounds to unwind the cat's stress

Like humans, cats and every other pet feel best around their companions! It is the most effective way to turn their growl into a purr. Treats and the owner's presence combined can create a homely environment for the pets allowing them to cooperate with the grooming!


The blog outlines easy tricks to defuse a stressful situation that erupts now and then at pet grooming centers.






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